Friday , 31 October 2014

Assassin’s Creed II

Technological progress is always a double edged sword and , in the last twenty years , the entertainment industry has learned a hard lesson this price . It has not escaped even the videogame world that , even basing progress on most of his existence , he discovered that he could not live by technology alone and require more and ... Read More »

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

It is not easy to be free. Because freedom forces you to face the dilemmas , it forces you to make choices that can destroy the basic parts of the life of a human being. The freedom it gives you a new life, but it kills the old one. Wife , friends, health : everything disappears behind a black banner ... Read More »

The Wolf Among Us – Episode 1 – Faith

Last year Telltale Games has given gamers a true gem . With The Walking Dead boys Californians have brought new life to adventure games, undoubtedly coming from the canons of the genre, simplifying it in many ways , but mainly focusing on a mature plot to kidnap fully capable end-user , pinning him to the screen for all five episodes ... Read More »

The Bureau XCOM Declassified

The XCOM series has a huge historical significance. So far, say “thank you captain obvious ,” recalling some of the most beautiful and complex strategy titles ever created, and the hours spent to tear Sectoidi and other goodies from deep space from the top of your beautiful isometric view . Forget about yet another conquest of the famous brand , ... Read More »


After bringing us both circuits most beautiful and evocative of all over the world onboard of Formula 1 is dirt on the tracks rally decided to play on the last thread drift , Codemasters is ready to go back on the streets after more than five years of absence. The debut into the world of arcade racing game took place ... Read More »

Remember Me

We often complain of lack of freshness and courage in the world of video games, and the psychological block of developers , more and more victims of a relentless drive towards big numbers at the expense of creativity. The independent titles are usually seen as the only lifeline , the only green oasis where graze the few warriors capable of ... Read More »

Disney Infinity

Contrary to what you might think , the concept of departure as regards the statuettes . If anything , the beautiful dolls in plastic are a side effect of the game, introduced when the game was already in development after the extraordinary success of the rival with Activision Skylanders Spyro and characters of the world . Disney Infinity is, first ... Read More »

Total War: Rome II

Wow . Or, rather, mecastor ! By Castor ! As they said in ancient Rome . Why Total War : Rome II is a massive game . On the other hand , after the digression Japanese Shogun 2 : Total War , the transition to the Roman Empire could not even magnify the contents of the video game. In our ... Read More »

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm

Brands mighty have fallen under the blows of the market, too complex to be appreciated by the masses, and too demanding to be enjoyed through from visitors who are interested in more titles. Many have tried to change them or lift them in a roundabout way , almost all have failed . With the advance of the irrepressible Dota -like, ... Read More »

Alan Wake

Storytelling and video games. A wedding that doesn’t end well, which over the years is causing very different reactions from developers : there are those who believe that the plot is everything and there are those who believe that it is just a useless tinsel, act only to entertain and the game can survive without it. Some people experience , ... Read More »

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