Friday , 21 November 2014

Download Infinite Crisis

infinite crisisThe premise of Infinite Crisis narratives are not particularly complex: there is a cataclysm that will destroy every universe and you have to prevent it, that’s all, because we have been told clearly that it is more like an excuse to see all DC Comics heroes beating each other’s up, how awesome is that? The most observant of you might have appreciated the complex storyline behind the comic book dedicated to parallel universes, but we can already say that it is not a continuation, just to keep the event as simple as possible.

One of the characteristics on which is placed the emphasis from the turbines is the ability to destroy environments by changing its structure. Of course, the trails are typical of the genre will still predominate but the ability to create new trails offers interesting insights on paper at least. It will be then possible to use the elements of the maps as real weapons: imagine a character as strong as Superman can lift a car to throw it against the opponents, but we already know that this ability can also be assigned to other heroes as long as you spend points necessary for its release.
From the technical point of view we can not be completely satisfied by what we saw in San Francisco, title, expected at the time PC only, will not let go to particular qualitative leaps, returning images lack detail and, above all, by the different tone than seen in the promotional material. The climate is pleasantly gothic and gloomy images of Nightmare Batman, for example, does not translate into equal goticità in the game, mainly due to very saturating colors. It must be said, however, that we are just announcing the title and it is not reasonable to expect little improvement between now and the release date set for the end of the year.

What remains, however, is the exploitation of the possibilities offered by the presence of parallel universes, which results in alternate versions of all the major DC Comics characters (currently announced the first twelve by three universes). Not only Batman therefore, but also its version vampirised and that steampunk, and the same applies to every superhero or supervillain. The differences, of course, will not only affect the appearance of the characters though, as depending on the origin of the universe will have different gameplay: Nightmare Batman will be a murderess, from offensive potential, but weak, while Gaslight Batman will be the focus of his abilities in the interaction with the gadgets typical of his steampunk universe.



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