Saturday , 29 November 2014

Download PayDay 2

“It will be a pretty straight shooter, a chore,” it was said a few minutes before entering the event dedicated to Payday 2 in Milan. But everything, from clown masks distributed to those present up to the amount of profanity that could be heard in the room during the first few minutes of the game, he immediately made it clear that this would not be a chore recently. No, sir: Payday 2 is a big step forward compared to the previous title, a real surprise Overkill signed and released in 2011.
If Payday: The Heist approached in a fairly obvious to the concept of “pretty straight shooter”, payday 2 you could easily classify under the heading “simulator robbery.” Because the goal of Overkill, this time, was to create – or, rather, to recreate – the crossroads of emotions that takes place during a big blow in the bank. And, at the same time, it was decided to grant the player the ability to choose different type of approach, with consequences quite predictable but no less interesting.

On the mask
The aim of the game is obvious: we need to complete 30 rounds. To do so, however, the strategy “comes in and take out everyone,” They would consider as the canons of the FPS, is not always valid. The game sees it has four robbers grappling with a growing number of police officers, except for the few guard unit in the various places where you play the robberies, in fact, at the first alarm in the place will come under attack an entire garrison of servants of the law, including police, SWAT and special teams. What began as a robbery at a bank, therefore, could soon turn into a siege, in which players us we cover the inconvenience role of the besieged.

The mission entrusted to us included a shot pretty straightforward: get a big drill automatic, go to the bank, get to the vault, open it and escape with the loot. Reached the place, we begin to scout the area looking for the pickup of our accomplices, which hides the drill in a big bag. Once recovered the infernal device, we draw near to one of the secondary entrances. Unfortunately, however, our partner – decided to address the situation head-on – had already pulled out a gun. The alarm went off, and soon everything has turned into an inferno. We found ourselves swamped with cops, and after a few minutes of shooting in the streets we were killed without even placing the drill. A real shame.


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